Terms and conditions

How to join the project։ forms and possibilities

  • Everyone aged 18 years or above can join us. Children from 15-18 can join us only with a parent or a relative.
  • The project comprises 2 preparatory stages.
    First stage: the potential participant gets to know the details of the project, introduces themselves and tells about their hiking experiences.
  • Second stage: We will go on 2 expeditions together. The first one is a 1-day expedition, the second one is a 2-day expedition. These expeditions will help the participant get trained, acquire certain skills and understand their abilities. The first stage is free of charge. The participants will pay only for the second stage which includes the expenses of the 2 expeditions.
  • The package includes

    • Planning of the route and guidance
    • Security assurance and first aid
    • Food typical to the territory 
    • Accomodation and food services in 12 guesthouses
    • Accomodation in 16 tents
    • Entrance tickets to cultural complexes
    • Professional photos and videos after the trip
    • Transportation from start points (from Yerevan and back)
    • Daily expenses and some routine utensils
  • In order to pass the first stage, you may apply till May 25. The organization process of the second stage will end in the first half of June. So, the final registration and booking will be open till June 15.