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About the project

A new challenge for nature and adventure lovers in Armenia: 500km in Armenia. A routine which passes through 8 regions from North to South, from Lore Fortress to Tatev Monastery. It passes through dozens of villages, different residences where you’ll meet people with different lifestyle and you’ll get the opportunity to try different dishes and drinks. We’ll have overnights in tents and village guesthouses, we will observe lakes and rivers, appear higher than the clouds and the stars will be the closest to us. The bonfire will always warm up us and in the mornings we’ll have herbal tea. And during all this time we’ll learn to use goods of nature, we’ll only pass the roads by walking through mountainous and valley trails, forests and gorges, archeological sights and ancient monuments lost in the nature.


After passing 500km we can surely say that we know Armenia from Lori to Syunik regions. This 28day trip will change our mentality, inner world and the attitude towards the nature.

The project of 500km in Armenia was created to explore the country which is often called an open-air museum. It was created to show the hidden treasures of the Armenian mountains and the tremendous shifts of nature.


The project will give new opportunities also for development of tourism especially in newly formed communities where this field has a great potential.

500 km in Armenia - Team Members

Meet our team

We have different professions, different preferences, we work in different spheres, but there is one thing that makes us a team: we have a big love for nature and the planet, for our highlands in this beautiful corner of the earth. And an idea born from that love,,,that love resulted the birth of this project, combining our potential – 500km in Armenia. The hard work on the project and the willingness to put it into practice shows our team spirit. We have a tour leader and a mountain climber, a programmer and a financier, a historian and an art historian, a designer and a doctor. If you are motivated and interested in these topics, JOIN our team!

500 km in Armenia - Team Members