Trchkan Waterfall

The waterfall of Trchkan-Trchkan is a waterfall in south-eastern part of the Shirak region on the border with the Lori region. It is the highest hanging waterfall of Armenia with the height of 23,5 m. The waterfall is located on the river Chichkhan which flows east through the valley of Bazum mountains.

The nearest  residential area from where it’s possible to reach the waterfall is the village of Shirakamut-10km away. The previous name of the village was Nalband (in 1988 december 7 there was a destructive earthquake in this region and the epicenter was this village of Nalband ).


The nature surrounding the waterfall of Trchkan is indescribably beautiful. From two sights there are massive mountains going up and the waterfall is falling by itself to the gorge. And the gorge has an interesting and rich flora. The region is also rich by fauna as there are bears visiting the gorge.

The waterfall of Trchkan is listed in specially protected monuments of nature. In 2011 in the result of the persistent struggle of environmentalists the waterfall was saved from becoming a hydroelectric station.