Lore fortress – Aparan reservoir

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Routine 1

We want to remind again that we will pass the whole routine from Lori region to Syunik. But as some people can’t do the whole programm as they have work or other things to do we splited it into 4 parts. After every part we’ll have a day off when we will recover and gain energy as well as spend an interesting time. Anyone who wants can choose the most interesting one from that 4 parts and join if they can’t join the whole programm.


From Lore fortress to Aparan reservoir

This is the first part of our routine it means feom the first day till the day off.

During these 7 unforgettable days we will do the following things.

  1. See the whole region of Shirak from above
  2. Swin in the waters of the highest waterfall of Armenia-Trchkan
  3. Climb the northern peak of the highest mountain of Armenia-Aragats
  4. See the crater of that mountain and different waterfalls.
  5. Pass mountainous villages, valleys and peaks.
  6. Have 4 overnights in tents and 2 overnights in village guesthouses.
  7. Have unique dishes and in tents enjoy the dishes made just on the bonfire
  8. Totally hiking 143km, climbing 6170m and descending 5700m relative hight.

Day one

  • 15.5km
  • 373meters
  • 204meters

Day two

  • 23km
  • 1714meters
  • 1405meters

Day three

  • 19km
  • 496meters
  • 574meters

Day four

  • 27km
  • 884meters
  • 543meters

Day five

  • 19km
  • 1391meters
  • 448meters

Day six

  • 17km
  • 1182meters
  • 1299meters

Day seven

  • 22km
  • 77meters
  • 1152meters
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