The waterfall of Gegharot

The picturesque waterfall of Gegharot begins directly from the large crater of Aragats. The brooks, created from melting icicles, by merging hang this 18-meter-high miracle on the edge of the crater.

The waterfall is in the narrow interstice of rocks and like a great spring it descends to volcanic rocks and gives birth to a beautiful river.

The nature of the surrounding area is meadow-mountainous, rocky. The waterfall is about 3000 meters above sea level. Before the summer months, big fragments of snow can be seen.

There are several ways to get to the waterfall, the easiest of which is the 12-kilometer path from the village Aragats, that can also be passed by SUV. The waterfall is also approached by a mountain pathway descending from the interstice of the Southern and Western picks to the crater.

The fauna, in spite of the height, is active. There are bears, wolves, rodents, and predatory birds.

The waterfall can be easily visited from May to October. During the remaining months the area is covered by snow and is difficult to pass.