Monastery Gndevanq

In old armenian language the earrings were called “gind”. They say that the daughter of the prince of Syunik- Sophia,  who ordered to build this monastery for the money of last stones she sold her earrings. That is why the monastery is called Gndevank.

Gndevank is located in Vayots Dzor region not far from Jermuk resort-town.This complex of the 10th century includes the church, the gavit (narthex), the dining room, the cemetery and the fortress walls. But the reconstruction of today’s church was done in the 20th century. With its simplicity and lack of decoration, however, it blends like a harmony with the overall scenery of the picturesque Arpa River. 

“Vayots dzor was a ring without a precious stone, I built this monastery and gave it the precious stone”-in this beautiful way Sophia the princess of the monastery defined it. And indeed it is one of the precious stones decorating the whole territory of Armenia waiting for you in the mountains of Vayots dzor.