Jermuk as a residential place is mentioned from ancient times which is proved by the cyclopean fortress and the ruins of a 8th century church. From the 1940s it became known as a hydrotherapy resort. Later it became also a touristic center. Today Jermuk is one of the biggest resorts and touristic centers of Armenia. Annually it hosts hundreds of thousands tourists, lovers of active and passive rest and people who need healing and recovery.

Jermuk is known for its mineral water in the world which is healing different illnesses. That mineral water is free for everyone to use in the special hall in the town where there are taps active all day long. Next to it there is a big garden with a lake, beautiful nature and monuments of fidayis(armenian heroes of the 19th century).

The  unique waterfall of “Mermaid’s hair” is also in Jermuk which according to a legend took its name from a long, beautiful hair of a cursed teenage girl which was thrown down instead of a rope to lift her beloved up.

Jermuk is especially known for its winter adventure tourism. Not far from the city there is also a ropeway, with unique views of the city, the Kechut and Spandaryan reservoirs, the surrounding villages and mountains.

The cultural life in Jermuk is also active. The Jermuk branch of the National Gallery of Armenia is here, where many works of famous Armenian painters are kept, as well as exhibitions are organized regularly. 

Jermuk will not leave indifferent and bored even the most whimsical visitors. 

So welcome 🙂